Workout 1.7.14

Great job with all the PR’s yesterday.  Lots of Big numbers. I believe JWOD took the podium with a 475 pound back squat.  Just about everybody else hit PR’s as well.  No matter how big or small the PR’s it’s still a gain and moving in the right direction.

If you did not hit one today. Do not worry.  There could be a few things that play a role in it. Anything from sleep, to nutrition, hydration, your work schedule etc.  The fact that you made it in and worked hard is just as important and should be nothing to over look.  Great job to everyone today!



Clean and Jerk

Spend 20 minutes working on clean and jerk.  This does not necessarily mean you go for a PR, but if you are feeling it go for it.  If you are still working on technique, practice that.  Just get a good 20 minutes of solid work in on these movements.





Finisher 500 m row