Why I need to do the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge.

Why I need to do the AdvoCare 24 day Challenge.

So the other day I posted a recent picture of me on facebook and asked if you guys thought I needed to do the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. I got some great responses. Some people thought it was a trick question, some said yes, others said no.

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So what is the right answer?

Yes! Absolutely.


Let me explain here. First off I must stress that the 24 Day Challenge is not just for weight loss. Even though the national average is 10 pounds and 10 inches lost in the 24 days it is more than just a weight loss program.
It is actually just as important if not more for the person that is in shape as the person looking to be in better shape.

We are going to use one of the comments I received to better explain this.

“Does a sports car need an oil change?”

What is your favorite sport car? Ferrari, Lamborghini, Corvette, etc.

Quite honestly it really doesn’t matter if it is a Ferrari or a beater car.

The answer is YES!

Every car needs an oil change to run efficiently.

So no matter what body type you are or how in or out of shape you want to keep your body running the best it can.


Think of it this way. If you only got to have one car the rest of your life, would you take care of it and do regular maintenance, oil changes, fuel it correctly.

You bet your bum you would.

So why is it that we all have only one body that God has given us, but we neglect it day in and day out?

It still surprises me to this day. I constantly see and work with people that want instant results but do not treat their bodies like they should.

You only have one body folks. Time to treat it like you do.

SO what does all this have to do with the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge? (which by the way is still on sale until Tuesday)

You see the first 10 days of the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge is like an oil, lube and flush for your body.

No matter how clean and perfect we eat or think we eat for that matter, we all need to cleanse. Just like we do an oil change for our cars every 3000 miles, we need to do the same with our bodies every three months or so.

This is why I do the cleanse phase of the 24 day challenge on a regular basis. It has nothing to do with being in shape or losing weight. It is cleaning out our digestive track from undigested food and bacteria. After all it is about 30 some feet from where you put food in your month to where it exits.
If you are not cleaning that out on a regular basis then it builds up even more.
Hence why people feel tired and sluggish, and carry that extra weight especially around the stomach.

(If you are an elite athlete, chances are you are eating more than the average person, so you will need this just as much if not more.)

Now we briefly talked about the first 10 days of the Challenge. What about days 11-24?

That is my favorite part. This is something I am on year round as should everybody else.

Reason why, is that this is like high-octane fuel that our body needs. Imagine pouring a bucket of nutrition into you body that fills in all the gaps that you do not get from food. AdvoCare_MNS

No it is not possible to get everything you need from food. No matter how perfect you think you eat. Especially if you add working out into the mix, then your needs are even higher.

I’ll get into that on another blog post, but let’s face the facts. We live in a busy, fast paced society and we do not always eat the right things. Which is why we need to supplement the extra nutrition.

When it comes to good high quality nutrition you really can not get any better than AdvoCare’s. They use the highest quality ingredients, test for over 200 banned substances, impurities and contaminants and were actually featured on Dr. Oz for being one of two companies that passed testing on Omegas and the only company that passed that he tested for probiotics. That alone shows the credibility and quality of the products.

So to some it all up: we know our diets are not perfect and are lacking proper high quality nutrition. We know we have un-digested food and bacteria sitting in our body that needs to get cleaned out on a regular basis. This applies to the average person or elite athlete. The 24 Day Challenge is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to better their health, break through plateaus, lose some weight and inches, increase energy, and fill in nutrition gaps.

Right Now you can still save on the challenge until Tuesday January 15th, 2013.
















20-Wall Ball 20/14
7- DL 225/155
20- T2B