Wednesday Workout 12.4.13

Great start to the week everyone. Just a few quick announcements.

First off, This Sunday at 1pm we will be having a Free Nutritional Mixer.  Please come and hear how our Client of the Month, Aron, lost over 20 pounds on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and over 30 since starting AdvoCare. Not only that, but combined with our programming, it has helped him become stronger and feel better than ever!  Remember what you are putting in your body or not putting in your body is 80-90% of your Results. Now is the time to plan for the New Year and jump start reaching those goals. Join out Slim Santa Challenge.

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

Also if you have not voted yet.  Please help us out and have all your friends and family vote for CrossFit Oak Creek on the  WISN A-List.  We are currently in 4th and definitely deserve to be number one!  We do thank you all your support! Please help us reach number one!!!

Please Vote Here

Also look for an email coming out.  We have updates with new classes and more. We are switching email providers so you may get a confirmation email from us or Maggie.  Please confirm the link so we can get you all our info, tips, and updates.



Push Press



EMOTM 12 min

5-HSPU                 Odd minutes

12-15 Burpees       Even minutes