Wednesday WOD 4.16.14

Awesome job to everybody on the workout today. We had many people do the most handstand push-ups ever in a wod un-assisted. We also have many progress to different levels as well. Not to mention a few PR’s on the Clean and Jerk.

Also way to go to those that completed their first day of the “no matter what” challenge. Keep rocking them out. Great things coming!


Good Mornings

Above is an example of a good morning. Make sure to keep the back extremely flat the whole range of motion. As we lower our upper body with the barbell our hips will move back slightly keeping a slight bend in the knees. Do not worry about how heavy you go. Work on good form and technique and increase load accordingly.


20-Dead Lift 315/215
30-Box Jump overs 24/20
40-KBS 70/53
30-Box Jump overs
20-Dead Lifts 315/215