Tuesday Workout 12.17.13

Just a reminder that our Olympic Lifting classes will be starting tomorrow. They are perfect for anyone looking to really improve their technique in these lifts.  It is an extra 30/mo for members and 60/mo for non members.  However, your first class is always free.  We will also have punch cards too.  They will be $10/class for members.

There has been a few questions in regards to the extra pricing for the olympic lifting classes as well as the competition programming. So I am going to attempt to explain and break down everything the best I can. I guess starting out, we are still the lowest priced CrossFit gym in the area, but also offer the most for our standard membership i.e. crossfit, body smash, nutrition guidance, some open gym times, and on going support. Many people have even mentioned that to us. The addition of the extra classes does require much more work than meets the eye.  Let’s start with programming. The extra programming that goes into competition and oly takes hours to thoroughly put together.  Not to mention the hours of education, classes, workshops,  programs and books bought to gain the knowledge to properly and safely program for the classes. Programming consist of numerous methods studied, workshops attended, networking with other strength coaches, olympic lifting coaches, etc. Pulling out the best of each that have been tried and tested before put to work on myself and others. It goes far beyond reading or watching a video online.  The science behind it is pretty in-depth.

There is also much more coaching, meetings, and other help that goes into both the oly and comp programs.


Offering more specialty classes also requires more staffed hours, more open gym times, hiring other coaches, higher utility bills that all add up in cost for the gym.  It may also take away from other areas.

We came up with the price structure a few ways and for everything included some suggested charging even more. Your typical Olympic lifting class runs between $8-15 a session.  The additional 30/mo brings our cost to just over $3 a class.  Which is super reasonable. Competition programming on average I’ve seen being charged $150/mo and thats off site with no other help.  Just a program sent out to you.  I actually have a friend in Cali that spend about $200/mo for half of what we are offering. So the addition charge again is very reasonable considering all the help and extra coaching and support you are getting.

These are just the bullet points.  I hope this does help clear up some of the pricing questions.  If you do have any issues or questions please contact Corey or Maggie to help answer any concerns you have.  Every rule, suggestion, class etc. whether good or bad has come about from suggestions or feedback from our members.  We are doing our best to try to make CrossFit Oak Creek these best we can and cater to our members needs and suggestions.



3 Position Snatch

hi, mid, low   (this time the low hang will be with the plate roughly 2″ off the ground, This helps build tension and strengthen the muscles being used.)



Open wod 11.5

20 min AMRAP

5-Power Clean 145/100


15-Wall Ball