Tuesday WOD and Plateau Challenge

Before we get into the workout today, I want to spend a few minutes talking about plateaus.  Plateaus happen to everybody no matter what fitness level you are at.  They can be frustrating and get you down at times.  Fear not.  I have a challenge for everyone that will help break through your plateau.  This doesn’t even have to apply to plateaus.  Maybe you want to get more efficient at a certain movement. Maybe you are struggling with pull-ups, handstand push-ups, push-ups, dips, pistols, or any other exercise for that matter.

Some of you may have noticed I recently put up a short video clip doing a few unbroken muscle-ups.  The reason for this being filmed was for the accountability for the challenge I am about to explain.

While muscle-ups may not be everyones goal or able to be done by everybody, the challenge works for everyone. So let’s take a step back and talk about this challenge and how it can apply to everyone.

The “No Matter What Challenge”

Here’s how the challenge works.  Pick one bodyweight exercise that you know you can perform. Yes, you have to be able to do the exercise. Reason being, is this will work much better if you can do it.  However, if pull-ups (or any exercise) are a goal of yours and you can not quite get them yet, we can come up with a progression similar to the exercise you chose that will work for you. Just see me and I can help you work with that.

After you decide what exercise you want to use.  Determine how may unbroken reps you can do or think you can do. Example:   I chose muscle-ups and figured I could probably do about 10 unbroken.

Next, take that number and cut it on half. For me I would cut the 10 to 5.  If you choose pull-ups and you can only get 2 you would chose 1.

This is where the fun begins and how we get the name “No Matter What.” You will take your number and at the end of your workout you will do that many unbroken reps.  The next day you will add one rep.  If you start at five on day one, day two you will do six.  You keep adding one rep until you can not add anymore. If you fail at a number, you will go back to the last number you hit.

For example, If you are on 11 and  you missed your 11th rep you would go back to 10 the next day. The following day you would shoot for 11.  Just keep repeating the cycle for 30 days, and BAM!  You will be more efficient at whatever exercise you choose.

I almost forgot the important part.  The “No Matter What”  You have to do this every day at the end of your workout no matter what.  Even if the workout before has 100 pull-ups in it and pull-ups are your exercise of choice, it doesn’t matter.  Still do your no matter whats.

I know it can be difficult choosing an exercise and knowing what progressions you want to use.  So if you have questions, let’s chat and come up with a solution that works for you. Maybe you have trouble staying motivated.  I do as well.  That’s why I shoot videos occasionally, and I encourage everyone else to as well.  I have a buddy in Omaha that I use as my accountability partner on this “no matter what” challenge that keeps me going.  There are times that I don’t feel like doing them, I’m tired and feel like giving up, but I know my accountability partner did his or he would send me a video of his.  This gets me fired up and keeps me on track.  For you it may just be picking a friend to do the challenge with. It may be taking a video and watching it, analyzing it or sending it to an accountability partner.  The important thing is finding what motivates you and keeps you on track.  Set short, daily and weekly goals to help, that’s why this challenge works so well.  It gives everybody something to work on daily to improve your results.



Clean and Jerk

15 min to build to a heavy clean and jerk




Hang Power Clean 155/105

* Remember when doing HSPU not to use the mural wall.  You may use the area that is not painted near the mural.