Tuesday WOD 10.29.13

Just a few quick announcements before we get into the workouts today.  Recently we have had some larger classes throughout the day.  Keep in mind, that after your class is complete the next class is coming in. Therefore please be courteous and step aside so the next group can get their workout and help throughout their class. If you are working on other skills after class please do not ask the coach that is teaching the next class to help you work on your extra skills. They need to focus on the current class.

This goes for all the class times. We are very excited for the new place to come in a few weeks.  As we will have much more room and separate areas to work on skills after classes as well as addition trainers to help out.

If you did not get the email with the move in dates please get your email to us so we can add you to the list.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we are going through the moving process.



Push Press





12-Dead Lifts 155/105

9- Power Clean

6- Jerks