Thursday WOD 11.21.13

It was challenging Bday wod yesterday and another great workout today.  Just a quick announcement before we get into the workouts.

We will be having a two more element classes scheduled for next week.  The first one will be Tuesday 11/26/13 at 530 pm and Wednesday 11/27/13 at 9am.  If you know anybody interested, please let them know and have them email us at to set up their time.

Also make sure to sign up for the Bucks Game November 30th.  Maggie and I will be performing at the halftime show. We just found out there is a change in the due date for the ticket money.  All Money will need to be in by 11/27/13.We have a sign up sheet on the counter. Looks like we will all sit in the middle priced section.  Unless everyone wants to sit in a different one.  Let us know by Friday so we can make any changes.

Check out a sample of the workout.



Dead Lift

4×8 reps



KBS 53/35

Goblet Squats

Alternating Lunges w/kb (reps are a total not each leg)

*Once you pick up the kettle bell you may not let it touch the ground.  You can rest or hold it any way you want. Just do not let it touch the ground.

*Each time kettle bell touches the ground it will result in a 5 burpee penalty