Please call or email us at to set up your first class!

If you do not see a time that works for you, let us know. If we get a few people together we will be more than happy to add a time slot.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
5:30am – CrossFit
9am – CrossFit
Noon – CrossFit
4:30pm – Crossfit
5:30pm – CrossFit
6:30pm – HIIT
7:15pm – HIIT

Tuesday, Thursday
5:30AM – BodySmash
9am – CrossFit
11:30am – Half Hour HIIT
Noon- Crossfit
4:30pm – CrossFit
5:30pm – CrossFit
6:30pm – CrossFit
7:30pm – 12/12/12 HIIT

8am – BodySmash
9am – CrossFit
10am – HIIT

10am – HIIT
11am – Yoga
Noon-3pm – Open Gym

*Open Gym 10am- Noon M-F

*Schedule is subject to change

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