New Week Workout 12.16.13

Hope everyone had a Great weekend.  We have a few big announcements and updates before we kick the week.  First off, we would like to welcome Billy Weber as one of our new trainers.  Billy brings many years experience and will be helping coach some evening classes as well as our Olympic lifting classes. Also we would like to Thank everybody that came out Saturday for the Staying Strong 4 Shawn benefit for Billy’s brother and family.  Saturday alone we raised $1700 in donations and t-shirt purchases.  The Weber family is grateful and will put that toward good use.

In addition, to adding a new trainer, we will be adding a few more classes. Starting out tomorrow, we will be adding an evening body smash class Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm.  (these will be the same workout as 5:30am tuesday and thursday).

Tuesday and Thursday evening we will be adding our Olympic lifting classes. These are an additional $30/mo or you can also get a punch card for them as well. The olympic classes will be for those really looking to work on the olympic lifts: clean, jerk, snatch. The goal is to improve technique, form, efficiency, and take your oly lifts to the next level.  Recommend for those doing CrossFit at least one month.

We also have our CrossFit kids classes going on now as well. For safety reasons, if your child is in the kids program, please have them wait in the lobby area until coach Maggie or Corey come and get them to begin class. This goes for any children that come with their parents to class.  Please have them stay in the lobby area while the adult classes are going on.

Lastly we also have our addition to our competition training program. As far as the competition training goes, there will be much more work and it will require extra training.  Due to the higher training volume, those that are doing the competition training will have access to any areas before or after class.  However if there are any other classes going on, you will have to wait until the classes are done to work on the extra work.

The side workout area will be reserved for those doing competition programming when other classes are not in use.

If you are not doing competition programming, you may spend an extra 15-20 minutes cooling  down or practicing skill work if not occupied by other classes. We want to be respectful and not distracting to the other classes going on. Thank you for understanding.

As far as the green carpet area.  Please do not set up racks, and barbells on there.  It is not meant to be used for working on skills such as squatting, dead lifting, pressing, or other weight training lifts as it does not have rubber flooring. It is meant mainly for conditioning purposes.  Thanks again for understanding as we want to protect the floors and equipment. Also if you are using 10# plates on a barbell, do not drop them.  We have been noticing quite a few 10’s being damaged.  There is no need to drop the barbells from over head.

If you are looking for extra programming or open gym hours, please let us know.  We will be glad to try to find a solution to work with everyone.  However, if you are doing the programming that is scheduled throughout the week, you really do not need to be doing much extra.  The programming is set up in advance throughout the week to make maximal gains and progress in both strength and conditioning.  For example I have the next 3 weeks planned out, and will all tie into each other. Many times working on extra skill may hinder what is planned throughout the rest of the week or even set you back and cause over training. If you feel you need much extra work, chances are you may not be pushing yourself hard enough throughout the other workouts.


Back Squat


*Take your time and do not rush through the skill. Everyone should be be doing 3-4 warm-up sets before they start the working sets.  Each warm-up set you should increase weight as well to build up to your working sets.


10 min AMRAP

10-OH Squat 135/95