Monday Workout 6.3.13

Just want to thank everyone that came out to support me this weekend as well as those of you that could not make it.  You guys push me each and every day to become better than the last. It was great seeing all of you this weekend.  Sorry if I was not able to spend much time with you guys. This weekend was definitely a tough 3 days of workouts and my body is feeling it. I learned a lot and I am excited to start training for next year.  But before that I will be taking a much needed week off of working out.  With that being said, time for your workout for tomorrow.

150 wall balls

150 chest to bar pull ups

150 burpees

100- HSPU


Just Kidding!


Hang Clean

10,10, 8, 8

Power Clean




400m Run

10-Hang Clean 95/65

10- Pull-Up