Monday Workout 12.2.13

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Special Thanks to everyone that came out to the Bucks game.  Hope everybody enjoyed it and had fun.  A few people suggested putting together more group get togethers.  We were thinking this would be a great idea.  Here a few suggestions we came up with so far.  A Dave and Busters night or a night out at Spin.  Then we can have the whole group there, mingling and being active at the same time.  If anybody has any other ideas feel free to shoot them over.

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5×2  (this does not mean going for a PR) Please stick to the percents on the board.

Snatch Balance



100 DU



Hang Snatch 115/75

Snatch Press

100 DU

The 100 Double unders are done as a buy in and buy out (before and after the WOD) and are counted as part of your time.

Singles may be done.

If you do not have double unders down good.  Practice quick singles.  We need to get really good at singles before we progress to double unders.