Monday WOD 8.3.15

Happy Monday! Another chance to start the week out right and move one step closer to your goals.
With a new month we have a new Charity (BUILDON) we will be donating to for Facebook check-ins.
This month every 4 check-ins goes to donating bricks to help build schools. Let’s try to step up our game this month. We were down 73 check-ins this month compared to last month. (365 check-ins for July)

We also have a new monthly challenge. Make sure to check our Facebook page for the new challenge.

CrossFit Oak Creek Charity


Back Squat


Start at 70% for first working set and increase each set after if possible. If you fail to hit 3 reps with a set, you are done with that set. Then adjust the weight accordingly next set.


10-Alt. Barbell Lunge (any style(each leg 20 total reps) 135/95
20-Wall Ball
30-Back Squat 135/95
300m run