Monday Motivation 2.3.14

Just wanted to say great job to everyone that did the Ice Bowl Competition this weekend.  We had many first time competitors get out there and work hard and give it their all.  Not to mention a few veterans.  I’m very proud of each of you.

As you all know a few months ago we talked about a theme that Shawn Weber left with us upon his passing.  “Never Give Up.”  Everybody at the comp this past weekend has displayed that never give up mindset.  I would like to take some time to point out a few examples from this weekend, as well as from other non -competitors too. Monday Motivation!

First off let’s talk about the competition. The past week Madeline was pretty sick and under the weather.  Friday evening she told me she was feeling about 60%.  She could have easily gave up and decided not to compete this weekend.  Did she? No.  She felt a bit better Saturday and decided to go for it.  On the way her and Jay carpooled up to Green Bay where the competition was held.  All seemed good until Madeline’s engine on her car blew up. They were roughly about a half an hour away from the location. Again they could have easily said no, came up with an excuse not to compete.  They figured out a way to make it happen and competed in their first competition.

Next, we have Greg.  He showed a lot of heart this weekend.  Overcoming a mild injury in his elbow, he stuck it out and finished the last workout of the competition.  But it goes beyond that. Anybody that knows Greg, knows that when he started CrossFit Oak Creek a few months ago know he had limited range of motion. Especially when it came to squats.  He never would have thought he would even hit parallel to the ground. At the competition, we had A LOT of squatting.  Let me tell you.  All of Greg’s squats were below parallel and looked amazing.

The last, person I would like to talk about is Nicole Garret.  Nicole did not compete this weekend. She actually never had any type of athletic background at all and told me her coordination wasn’t the best either.  She also never really lifted weights or has done anything like we do at CrossFit Oak Creek. The past few months she has overcome various obstacles. Nicole set some goals and has CONSISTENTLY worked hard at them.  One of her goals was to hit double-unders.  We all know how are and frustrating they can be. Working her she was able to hit consecutive double-unders last week.  She even post a video of her banging out over 20 in a row.

As you can see there is a common theme in each of the stories above. Each person has worked very hard to get where they have gotten. They have also experienced some type of obstacle in getting there. As a matter of fact, it is a given that any great reward, achievement, goal, success a person has is guaranteed to have obstacles in it’s path of getting there.  There really is no way around it.  The choice is up to the individual as to how bad they want it. Successful people will do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.  Each of the people I mentioned all displayed the “Never Give Up” mindset.  They could have stopped, gave up, and said No Thank You.  But they chose to stick it through, and the hard work has paid off. Great job to each of you!

These are not the only people that have showed great heart and hard work.  Many others have as well.  This is just a sample of the great achievements that have come about.  If anybody else would like to share their story please let us know.  It’s not about the recognition or anything like that either.  It’s about inspiring others and letting them know that we all have ups and downs.  Letting people know that hard work and discipline does pay off.  One story, a video of someone doing double-unders, a PR, doing a first pull-up, losing 10 pounds or whatever it may be, might just be the motivation that somebody else needs.  Don’t e afraid to share it and Inspire Somebody else.  All it takes is one story.

Stay Positive, Keep Working Hard, and Never Give Up.



Moving on we have a Birthday WOD for Brittany today.


3 position Power Clean


*Power Clean only, no squat cleans.  Work as heavy load as possible in the working sets


2-Rope Climbs (Scale = 2 Rope walk or 10 ring rows)


2-Rope Climbs

24-DB Snatches (each arm) 50/30  Comp Heavy as possible

2-Rope Climbs

24-Dead Lifts (Use the heaviest clean weight used in the skill)

2-Rope Climbs


Make sure to wish Brittany a Happy Birthday!