Monday Madness!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Lots of fun and festivities happening after a few tough weeks of working hard. Hope everyone got to relax a bit this weekend. We would also like to thank the Santi’s for hosting a CrossFit Pool Party. Great food and great people! Now its time to get to work. Before we get into the WOD today, take a look at this video. It will help with our skill today.

Notice how quick Mikko is with his hips and how he makes contact with the bar every rep. As a group we all need to work on the speed and quickness. More importantly we need to keep the bar close. Check the speed of his feet on his snatch balance. Super quick.

For today’s skill. Work on SPEED and dropping quick. No wider than a squat stance. If that means you drop the load or use no load then so be it. Technique is important, and crucial for optimal results.


Power Snatch

Snatch Balance
(Pick a weight you can drop as quick as Mikko with good form….Or try to drop as quick as him.)



Power Snatch 75/55
400m Run