Monday Bday Workout!

As you know we have a bunch of Birthday workouts that we are going to make up that we did not do during the open competition. If we did not do your birthday workout during that time, please let us know and submit your suggestions, favorite and least favorite exercises.  Currently we have two workouts scheduled for this week.  Our first workout will be tomorrow for Shannon and one for John on Thursday.

A few updates as well.  Next week we will be adding a 630pm class Monday through Thursday. We also spent this weekend remodeling the gym to make more room for the larger class sizes. So expect a few changes tomorrow.  In addition we will add an update page to the home page with updates that will remain posted on there til the next update.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Now its time to get back to work.





“Shannon WOD”

12 min AMRAP


12- Sit-up

10- DU

9- Pull-Up (no Bands)