Man up Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. It’s that time to get back into the swing of things. This will be a great week of heavy lifting and evaluating ourselves.  Let’s take a look at our current lifts throughout the week and see what we really need to work on.  This will be different for each and everyone of us.  Don’t compare yourself to others, just look at where you stand.  Each person has different goals and intentions. So comparing yourself to the next person may be doing you more harm than good.  Evaluate yourself.  Did your lifts go up, down or stay the same. If not, what could you have done better. Take a look at my lastest blog post for some pointers that can help you in reaching your goals.

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To kick off the evaluation process, Monday we will be starting with the CrossFit Total. Here is what that entails and what the entire day will consist of tomorrow.


“CrossFit Total”

Max Strict Press

Max Back Squat

Max Dead Lift

You will have 3 attempts to find your 1 RM max at each lift after your warm up sets.  I do not want to see anyone hit one rep fairly easy and call it a day.  That is not a true 1 Rep Max. Also if your 1Rm is 200 pounds, Do Not try and tie it and do 200 pounds. Slap on some 2.5 or 5s and break records.  This is the week to do it.  We need to start pushing ourselves and stick to the proper rep ranges so we can continue to make strength gains. Next week will be a de load week so give it your all and break some records today! Good Luck!