Happy Veteran’s Day!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  We had a fun exciting weekend of competition and ended taking home some prizes.  Coach Corey won 5 of 6 events for the individual competition taking first over all. Mallory did well too making it to the finals. Not to mention everyone hit Personal Records on their Clean and Jerk during the contest.  So nice job to all.

More importantly we dedicated the competition to Billy’s brother Shawn who went into the hospital about a week ago.  For those of you that do not know, Shawn had a heart transplant in January.  He went into the hospital feeling sick and ended up catching pneumonia. So our thoughts and prayers go out to him.  Keep fighting Shawn.

Also during the competition, Mallory’s sister was in a pretty bad car accident.  So keep her in your prayers as well.

Lastly, It is Veteran’s Day.  We want to thank all those who served for our country over the years.  We thank each and every  one greatly. So in honor, we will be doing a hero workout tomorrow.


OH Squat




8 Rounds

5- Front Squats 185/125 (try to push it heavy as possible)

26- Ring Push-Ups  * We will make these Plyo Push-ups RX and HR Scaled