Happy Birthday Stephanie 6.26.15

Today we have the last Birthday Workout of the week! What an excellent week of workouts! Everybody has been working so hard. Just a few quick announcements before we get into the WOD.

As you all know, we love to see the kids in the gym and build relationships with them! We also believe it is important for kids to see their parents being healthy and staying fit!

Today when I got to the gym, I noticed that there were green “X’s” all over one of the bathroom walls and door. In addition to that, we have had a few complaints about kids going through other members personal belongings. Unfortunately, because of this, there will need to be a few new rules that CFOC will be enforcing….

1. The kids MUST stay in the front entrance room of CFOC during ALL classes.

2. If your child needs to use the restroom, he/she needs to be supervised by a parent. (I know this is an inconvenience but the gym is rented and we need to make sure we are being respectful and taking care of it.) My advice would be to have your child use the restroom before you begin your workout.

3. The kids MAY NOT play on the equipment or run around the gym area. If a class is over and your child wants to play for a little bit, that is okay as long as they are supervised by a parent! This is for safety precautions.

The new rules are by NO means meant to keep the children out of CFOC! We enjoy being with them, we just need to make a few ground rules as well as ensure the children are staying safe!

Thanks for your understanding!



OH Squat


Happy Birthday Steph!

With a Running Clock


Sally Squat Song 135/95

then immediately into workout

300m Run
26-Air Squats
25-Cleans (sally weight rx 135/95)

300m Run
26-Air Squats

300m Run
26-Air Squats
25-Burpee over bar