Friday WOD 4.11.14

It was a great day for some running yesterday.  Nice work to everyone that came. Everybody did a fantastic job.

There has been some questions on when some of the upcoming competitions are.  You can view a list of the upcoming ones at
These are the next upcoming ones nearby:
April 26-27 IL
May 3rd IL
May 10th Iowa

Also is anybody interested in competing in the Granite Games. We can set up a Community for CrossFit Oak Creek. It is similar to the CrossFit Open, However it is a 3-week online open. Let’s us know if you are interested and we can set up a community. Registration starts April 15th. The open runs June 4-22nd.



Goats 10-15 min



5 Rounds

400m Run
15-OH Squats 95/65