CFOC Families

At CrossFit Oak Creek, it is not just about throwing around heavy weight and hitting PR’s. Although it may be fun to do that from time to time, the majority of our members are here simply to look and feel better. Over the past few months, myself and the other trainers at CFOC have had the privilege to work with many families. One family in particular was the Thom family. The results and progress this family made over the past few months has been amazing. Here what they have to say about their experience thus far:

CrossFit Family Oak Creek

We first joined CrossFit Oak Creek in June of 2014 after seeing a Groupon for it. WOW! Best workout decision we could have made! Corey, Matt, and Billy are amazing trainers and have helped us get started from ground zero and improve in so many ways. They constantly work with us and push us past the point that we would ever push ourselves. Sometimes the WODs seem insane, but when we are finished, it is one of the best and most rewarding feelings you can have! No matter what class we attend, everyone is encouraging and cheers us on.

As a family, we motivate each other to come five to six days a week between CrossFit and Body Smash. We had to modify almost every exercise when we first started. But because we continue our workouts at the gym almost daily, Corey and Matt have consistently told us how much we’ve improved. With their encouragement, support, and help, we now have goals we never would have dreamed of before coming to CFOC.

We have gained not only strength, but lost weight and inches as well! We’ve built so much confidence because of CrossFit and we honestly look forward to our workouts everyday! We couldn’t be happier and look forward to continued success here at CrossFit Oak Creek:)

-Amber, Bonnie and Ron Thom




Front Squat

1-mile Run
80-Back Squats 115/85