Friday Wod 12.13.13

Just a reminder.  We will have normal classes this Saturday morning.  8am Body Smash followed by 9am Partner WOD.  After the partner Wod we will be starting our Staying Strong 4 Shawn benefit WOD.  The first workout starts at 10:30am and we will run WODs every half hour.  The event is open to any one and everyone of all fitness levels. We will have scaled variations as well. So give it a try and come support a good cause.

Also we just found out.  One of our members Paul will be on CBS 58 news talking about animals in the cold weather.  Make sure to check him out.  Good Luck Paul.



Dead Lift



10 min AMRAP of CINDY




rest 3 minutes







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Monday Wod 11.15.13

Just a reminder that the deadline for Bucks Tickets are this Wednesday. make sure to sign up and get your money in to us no later than Wednesday 11/27/13.  It should be a fun time and a great half time show.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there.



3 Position Clean

High Hang, Mid, Low


Tina’s Bday WOD

Happy Bday Tina



10-P. Cleans 135/95

10-Push Press 135/95

10-Burpee touch 6″ above your head or a pull up bar

10-KB Swings 70/53


10-Bent over Barbell Row 135/95

1-Rope Climb


100-Double Unders

Final Wod 11/14/13

Great job on hitting some new personal records today everyone.  Many of you crushed old PRs by 5 to 20 pounds.  It was was great seeing Sandy crush her old snatch PR by 20 pounds yesterday afternoon. Nice work Sandy.  Speaking of Sandy, If you haven’t brought in any peanut butter for her food drive we still have one week left.  All donations will be going to the hunger task force.

As many of you know.  Today is our final workouts at our current location.  We will start the move Friday morning at 8am. Just want to thank everyone in advance that is offering to help.  We greatly appreciate it.  If you can help at any point during the weekend, please stop by and let Corey and Maggie know so we can plan ahead a bit more.  We know everyone will love the new place.








11-Box Jumps

14-wall balls


400m run

Monday Workout: Lift Up Luke Workout

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Today we are going to go out of tradition and do a bench mark workout at the beginning of the week. We will be performing the Lift Up Luke WOD.  Lift Up Luke is a CrossFit WOD for Autism. On October 19th, affiliates from around the world united to support Autism awareness and compete for a cause. Since we had a ton of Birthday Workouts that week, CrossFit Oak Creek will be doing it today.




Strict Press



“Lift Up Luke”

5 min AMRAP

4 -Power Cleans 155/105

24- Double Unders

10- Pull-Ups

Rest 2 minutes


Open WOD 12.1

7 min Amrap


Monday Monday WOD day!

We had a great weekend of events this weekend. It all started out with a fun and grueling Engagement Workout for Ryan and Krista. If you have not already make sure to say congrats to this wonderful couple… and let them know how much you enjoyed their special wod.  Engagement Workout1019









We also had a dozen members compete in a local CrossFit Competition this weekend.  Great job to everyone that competed as well as everyone that came to support. Each of you represented CrossFit Oak Creek (CFOC) well.  We thank everyone and proud of each and everyone of you.  Competitors or not.

Standings Mallory 3rd in RX, Chelsea 3rd in scaled Corey 2nd RX, and Many PR’s from everyone on dead lift.

Update on the new location.  Things are finally starting to move. Painting is almost done, new pull-ups rigs being assembled and much more.  We can’t wait to show you whats to come.



Dead Lift



4 Rounds

60 sec work 60 sec rest 60/60

wall balls

Goal is to get as far over 100 as possible.

*Wall ball starts with a below parallel squat then throw.

* I want to see deep squat first then ball height second.

2 min rest


DB Snatches 60/60

*Alternate arms each round

Score is total reps.  Keep separate totals for each exercise.  ex: 119/100



Friday 10-10-13

Happy Friday all. What a great week of workouts for everyone.  Nice job pushing through them.

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WOD Time!


Dead Lift




3 Rounds

400m Run

21-KBS 53