Birthday/Hero WOD

First of all we would just like to congratulate everyone for the amazing gains we have had the past few months.  We have broken many records today. Many guys have hit great Dead Lift and squat PR’s well over 400 and 500 pounds.  We have also have our first lady hit 300# on the dead lift as well as a few in the mid 200’s.  Not to mention we have everything from there and between.  We even had a Val  that started out with personal training about a month prior feeling not ready for group training, crush some PR’s and even pull 200# on the dead lift today in a larger group class after training about 2 months. I also heard some great news from one of our Lisa’s that said she is down over 18″ from the 24 Day Challenge and still making progress continuing on.  All these amazing accomplishments make us as coaches proud.  Whether you have hit a 5 or 50 pound PR, lost inches, rx’d a workout, became more flexible or all of the above you should be proud of yourself. The support you give each other is amazing as well.  I love seeing all the face book posts and comments to each other.

It just goes to show that we have the best programming, coaches and members around.  The atmosphere and friendships formed are one of a kind.  We couldn’t ask for anything more.  Thank you.

Now onto our BDay wod.

In honor of the 4th of July we were planning on doing Hero Wods this week.  However we do have a Birthday. So in honor of our fallen soldiers and our Birthday for Brian, we are going to do a variation of the hero workout Brian.


15 min to find your 1 RM Power Clean


Happy Birthday Brian K

3 Rounds

3 Rope Climbs

10- Squat Cleans 155/95

400m run