Monday Workout 5.16.16 New Lower Ab Workout

Happy Monday! Excited to get the week started. The last few weeks have been filled with lots of progress and PR’s. Keep up the amazing work everyone.

We will also be switching up the ab challenge this week as well. Check out the video below to see this weeks challenge. It will specifically target the troubled lower abs. Make sure to comment on the video any questions you have, exercises you want to see, or anything related to fitness. We will be putting out more content based off your questions.



Back Squat

20 rep Max


Regional WOD
104-Wall ball 20/14

Wednesday WOD 5.11.16

Happy Wednesday! Keep Going Strong! We are at the half way point!

A few updates…

There have been quite a few people asking for beginner class for some of their friends and family.
Starting June 1st we will be introducing Body SHRED Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:45-7:30pm.
Body SHRED will run for 4-weeks Monday and Wednesday nights.
People will also have the option to add Body Smash to that as well to accelerate their results. Send out the description below to someone you know that’s interested in getting started with CrossFit but may be slightly intimidated.
Body Shred Oak Creek CrossFit
Intimidated to try CrossFit? Look no further. Body SHRED is the perfect intro to CrossFit in a non-intimidating way. Body Shred is designed to give you a high intensity workout that combines bootcamp with CrossFit to help you shred body fat, increase your metabolism, endurance, and get you looking and feeling your best. Learn the basic fundamentals of CrossFit without all the complex movements. You will also learn the right way to eat without super restrictive starvation diets so you can have long term success. Space is Limited! Contact us TODAY!



Dead Lift

KBS 70/53
OH Squat 115/85