About Us

CrossFit Oak Creek is a Results Driven Fitness Facility. Whether your goals are weight loss, increasing energy, building muscle or becoming a better athlete, we are here throughout the process. CrossFit Oak Creek has one goal in mind: to help our members reach their goals.

We offer CrossFit classes, Body Smash, CrossFit Kids, Private Training and other custom programs. Our group classes integrate technique and skill work with highly varied, challenging workouts. Our one-to-one personal training and our semi-private training sessions provided focused guidance and coaching tailored to each member’s needs and fitness goals.

CrossFit Oak Creek also covers the most important component of fitness: nutrition and supplementation. Nutrition and supplementation account for 80% of our fitness goals. With each membership, CrossFit Oak Creek customizes a proper eating and supplement program to help member’s reach their specific fitness goals, where no two plans are alike.